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Holistische Massage - Deep Tissue
Thai Massage - Hatha Yoga

I started working with people to give massage and yoga sessions to help them to discover...

What kind of treasure is hidden inside of you? So you can fully stand in your power, come home to yourself and enjoy your vital life energy.

I wish for you to live your best version of life in total connection with body, mind and soul. 


In my childhood I was very connected with the power of nature and discovered that everything has an energy field. I spent a lot of time in the mountains in contact with animals in our farmhouse. Also I was interested a lot about eastern practices and my dream was to go to the Tibetan Monastery to study.

At the age of 17 by circumstances I moved to a big city. Very quickly physically I blocked completely and slowly I closed off emotionally to my environment as well. Over 23 years I had been living in contraction, stress, unhealthy habits and pain. To break through this patterns I started looking for solutions.

I discovered yoga practice and started adding it in my life. It helped me to rise up during heavy times.

In my search for myself I started to visit different healing retreats, yoga events, Osho meditations, ecstatic dances etc.

It was and is a growth process that is always ongoing. Every aspect that came my way helped me to open up more to myself and the world around me.

I learned to distinguish between what was mine and what was not. The more I discover about myself and come home to myself, the more relaxation comes into my "being" and the cramping and pain in my body and soul are seeping away still.

A big step in my life happened 5 years ago when I moved from Moscow to Ibiza.

In Ibiza surrounded by the amazing energy of nature I came into contact with healing, massage, yoga, meditation.

My life energy starts to flow more and more... Trust, sensitivity, confidence, sexuality are no longer taboo but something I can grow in and enjoy freely.

I started to feel and enjoy life more than ever and I'm happy to share this with you. ❤️

The purpose of my session is to help you to stand in your power, take your place and come into balance mind, body and soulI.I work from a holistic vision. Each person is approached as whole, both your body and your being (mind and spirit) are touched by healing. 

I use a combination of exercises and tools including touch, massage, bodywork, tantric structures, coaching yoga tools, in which you will relax physically and mentally, experience more inner peace and go through life more conscious, energetic and balanced.



The Best Way to Relax and De-stress.

Holistic massage is a therapy more than a massaging process. Nowadays, this massage is gaining popularity to improve their emotional well being.

Holistic full body massage combines different massage techniques tailored to the individual’s needs. It is beneficial to treat various conditions, including stress, anxiety, pain, and tension headaches.

This massage therapy targets tensed and stressed out muscles, which helps relieve stress ideally. This massage is the best support service for physical and mental health.



Thai Table massage is an adaptation of Traditional Thai massage techniques for recipients lying on a table.

Thai massage incorporates stretching, compression, and acupressure techniques, focusing on energy lines and holistic healing, while regular massage techniques typically involve rubbing, kneading, and pressure on soft tissues.



The soft cares massage gives you sensations of attention and a big relief of tension.

The soft massage therapy significantly lowers cortisol, the stress hormone, circulating within your bloodstream. An emotional release could be unlocked when accessing the soft tissue of the body through massage/touch. 

Soft tissue has memory which can trigger the mind to bring up remembered events from the past like involuntary flashes. And these past memories can resurface prompted by stimuli from the peripheral nervous system. It’s like remembering being in the kitchen with your mum or nanna baking yummy biscuits, or my personal favourite is when I drive close to where I was raised on a dairy farm, I open the car window to smell methane gas in the air (moo poo) and I know I’m home.



My yoga session based on Traditional Hatha Yoga.Hatha Yoga is the foundational of yoga.In the yogic scriptures it is said that there were originally 8 400 000 asanas, which represent the 8 400 000 incarnations every individual must pass through before attaining liberation from the cycle of birth and death.(Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha by Swami Satyananda Saraswati).

For yoga practice normally we use 84 asanas in total.For class can be chosen 7/10 asanas in relation of your needs, health conditions, age and state.

The session totally orientated to healing and therapeutic approach. 

The session will be adapted to your goals and expectations. And since these classes will be tailored more to your needs, it will allow you to progress faster.

I’ll help you to fully integrate yoga into your life so you have the tools and confidence to practice on your own.After each class I will send you a PDF file with sequence of asanas we did in the class. 

Certificates & Training

Gyan Yog Breath, India

Yoga Teacher Training 300 hours


Holistic Massage, Ibiza Massage School 

Thai Massage, Ibiza Massage School

Kogao Facial Massage, Madrid Shiatsu School

Reiki 1 level,Ibiza, Monica Santas Reiki master 

Tantra Massage Training, MYTH Belgium 


Holistic Massage

Thai Massage

Soft Caress Massage

120min - 150€

Therapeutic Yoga (4 people max) 1h20 - 100€

Individual yoga class 40min +

Massage session 2h - 220€

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