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The Tachyonized Ultra-Spheres are a new dimension in pleasure, healing, and meditation. These unique Tantra Tachyon tools which will have global implications in the awakening of pleasure and consciousness, in the Tantra community and beyond. The Small size was designed for Anal use for both Men and Women, for those who find the Medium size too big for that purpose. The larger the Ultra-Spheres, the more powerful, and we recommend you try different sizes to find the largest size that is comfortable for you.

For Women, the Tachyonized Ultra-Spheres are truly a modern day miracle. The clitoral network contains over 5000 nerve endings devoted only to pleasure. These nerves are linked to erogenous zones all over the body as well as the sex centers in the brain. When a woman is in a full body orgasmic flow, her whole body is so sensitized it becomes as if she is one big clitoris. As this happens, she may experience powerful states of cosmic consciousness. A woman's sexuality and orgasmic capacity is vast and yet sadly, many women remain unaware of their own power. By using the Ultra Spheres, we have an opportunity to awaken our entire sexual potential, easily and naturally. The Ultra Spheres open up physical and auric expansion of orgasmic potential. They can also be used for gently and effectively bringing about sexual healing, dissolving trauma or tensions that may be present in the Yoni (vagina) and pelvic region. The spheres are also an amazing way to prepare for a hot date. Wear the Ultra Spheres the whole day and discover what a difference it makes to your overall sexual pleasure when you take them out and then engage in sexual union with your lover. Also, women may choose to wear them inside the anus, so that she may continue this powerful effect inside of her while making love to her partner, or while using a Tachyonized Pleasure Wand.

For Men, the Tachyonized Ultra-Spheres just as miraculous! They are to be used inside the anus, bringing about prostate healing and kundalini activation. You may find yourself releasing old trauma, trapped in the anus while at the same time, discovering much more sensitivity and pleasure in the whole of the genital area. For an added boost to your sexual pleasure, you can wear the spheres while making love with your partner. Your partner may be blown away by the exquisite potency they will feel emanating from your Lingam (penis) and whole pelvic area. The prostate gland, which can be felt through the walls of the anus, is capable of bringing about enhanced pleasure to every aspect of a man's sexuality once this area is liberated from tension. By wearing the Ultra-Spheres, slowly but surely, a man can experience greatly enhanced sexual pleasure. The Ultra Spheres expand our capacity for orgasmic joy into the body and also into the auric field. For those men who would like to practice conservation of semen and attain full body orgasm, this will be tremendously supported through the use of the Ultra Spheres.

Tachyonized Ultra-Spheres are also a tremendous support for Tantra Meditation. There is a saying in Tantra; no mud, no lotus. This symbolism describes the growth of the lotus from the rich mud at the bottom of the lake (signifying our sexual energy) the stem of the lotus growing up through the water (symbolizing our chakra system) to finally flower on the surface of the lake (symbolizing our crown chakra). However, no growth is possible if the lotus is not being nourished by the mud. Super-conscious states of being are only possible if our sexual energy is vibrantly conscious and alive. The Ultra-Spheres' special ability to nurture physical sexual energy and expansion into the auric field means that we can easily access the merging of sexual / spiritual states. The Ultra-Spheres can be worn internally in either Yoni or Anus by both men and women.

ULTRA Spheres Small - Set of 2 x 25mm

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  • ULTRA Spheres Small - Set of 2 x 25mm

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