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Raw Cacao - Ceremonial Criollo

Premium grade

A little bit more about the Cacao Criollo and why it's a Premium Grade cacao

This specific premium grade Cacao is produced in the province of Satipo, at the beginning of the
great Amazonian plain of Peru. It grows between 700 and 1000 meters high.
It is an old and rustic variety of Cacao called Criollo which is the best to make «grand
cru» chocolate, as it is very fine, subtle and creamy. This Cacao contains more cacao butter
than the new hybrid varieties, and its aroma is much more developed.
It is raw, organic, and is cultivated in a very respectful and ethical way by beautiful people.
Each step of the production is done with loving care.
The cooperative where it comes from is one of the last in Peru (and even in the whole of
Latin America) who still cultivates and protects this variety to prevent it from the introduction
of hybrids amongst the producer’s plantations.


From the Cacao pod to the paste

In the cacao pod, you can discover the beans in a creamy white pulp which tastes amazing !
Those beans go through a fermentation process in order to develop their best aroma (from 4 to 6 days)
Then, comes the time for drying : they are spread out under the sun for few days.
Once dry, the biggest beans are finely selected by hand and they are crushed to be transformed into a paste.
This is directly from this paste that we create our preparation for your ceremonial cacao drink.

This fair trade certification is protecting the farmers. It values and respect their work and their
environement. It supports them to keep on working according to their own tradition.
Unlike most of the fairtrade labels, this SPP label has been created by the producers themselves in
order to establish their own standards of production and trading.

This way, they have the security to sell their cacao at a very good and stable price, and it gives
them the possibility to live with dignity thanks to their work. They can constantly improve the
quality of their products, of their life, and create several beautiful projects.

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