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Time to drink!

This Cacao is a very gentle medicine, though powerful, and you will recognize this quite easily.
Together with the blend of spices we add, it creates the perfect elixir to travel within yourself and with others.
Here is a suggestion : Holding your cup in front of your heart, breathing in the deep fragrance,
feel grateful to the Earth and the Sky, to the Sun and the Water, and to the amazing people
who have been growing, taking care and harvesting this Cacao in Peru.
Closing your eyes, simply give thanks to your Cacao and its medicine, ask it permission to be guided
through your journey, and start to drink sip by sip.
Just be present and feel how it wakes up inside of you ; starting from the sensations in the body, warming up,
the heart beat, energy rising, and this exquisite relaxation coming along that will draw a smile on your lips
and open the garden of your Heart.
You can sit silently for a while, and by and by, start your day or your practice from this space within, and notice how
your medicine brings you to meet your intention... and what you can see and discover for yourself there.
And don't forget to celebrate!
We wish you beautiful experiences. And we are always grateful to receive your feed back or any other
sharing or question.
Thank you, and may you be well and happy, always always always.
Enjoy !!


How to prepare the cacao medicine

This is really easy.
Heat water to max 60 degrees (or use you favorite herb tea).

For people that have to get used to the bitterness, you can also use any other base like nut, rice or coco milk if you feel like. Personally, we prefer to keep it pure with water or herb tea.
Decide which quantity of Cacao you would like.
You might like to try different dosages to feel how your body is responding.
A ceremonial dose is from 30 to 45 gr per person . For a daily use, you might like to try from 10 to 20 gr.

Depending on the amount of liquid you use, it will be ticker or more/less bitter.

Recommended a minimum of 20cl per serving.

Personally i like to use a small pure copper pan (no thin inside, it's safe!) and a wooden spoon to prepare so it holds the pure energy of the plant better this way.

When you stir the cacao to solve in the liquid, try to do it a present and very slow, soft way with a lot of presence to what energy you are already putting in there.
Alternately, the faster and easier way is to place the cacao in a blender and gradually pour the liquid on it.

Then, gently blend for 20 seconds to get a creamy, frothy drink.
`If the taste is too strong for you, you might like to add a natural sweetener like

raw natural honey, agave syrup,
coconut sugar. It has to be in very small quantity not to prevent the medicine to open up.

Inviting the Sacred

Choose a beautiful cup to serve your medicine and find your own way to create a sacred atmosphere, with candles, some incense...
Using Cacao medicine allows us to be quite creative in the way we make our own ceremony.
For instance you can prepare a Cacao drink to simply weave your day with more mindfulness.
Or you can choose to drink Cacao for any practice you want to move with, or before a meditation. Or choose to share it with a loved one and create a beautiful heart centered experience together.
Before drinking, don’t forget to set an intention.
This is an important point that will give a direction to your Ceremony.
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