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What is Ceremonial Raw Cacao?


Cacao is a bean contained in the colorful pods of the Theobroma Cacao tree, coming from Central and South America.
There are three main varieties of cocoa plants : Forastero, Trinitario and Criollo. 80 to 90% of the co-coa’s world production (conventional chocolate, and cacao powder….) comes from the Forastero variety.

The Criollo cacao is more rare and considered as a delicacy. Ceremonial Cacao comes from this variety, and it is richer in Theobromine (its main active ingredient).
But, it also requires other specificities to be called ceremonial grade : it has to be grown, sundried, fermented and prepared in a way that will preserve all its qualities.

This means we are talking about a fair-trade Cacao, produced by small farmers, grown in a loving, ethical and respectful way for Mother Earth, for the plant, for the land and the people who work.

Ceremonial grade Cacao is processed to the minimum, from the bean to the paste.

It is 100% pure natural Cacao...

Cacao : a fine line between food and medicine

Cacao beans are reported to be a fountain of life energy. It contains more than 300 compounds.
They have the highest source of antioxidant on Earth, it is full packed with magnesium, chromium, manganese, calcium, zinc, copper, iron, potassium, as well as vitamin C, E, B1, B2, B3, B5 and B9, omega-6 fatty acids, chemical compounds, and the list goes on…
They also have many allies like fungis, spirulina and other superfoods or plants, and they potentiate each other.

Cacao is known to have cardiovascular health benefits as it contains flavanols and increase blood flow to the heart and to the brain, creating more focus and awareness.
Cacao is also lowering high blood pressure, and helps treating high cholesterol, heart disease, chronic
fatigue syndrome... It stimulates the liver and supports in detoxifying our body.

The main active ingredient in Cacao is Theobromine, which is a slight cardiac stimulant (but has no
incidence on the nervous system to compare with coffee).
Cacao also contains anandamide, also known as ‘bliss molecule’. This molecule is considered as an endo- cannabinoid which fits with the cannabis receptors sites of the cells in the nervous system, and works as a mood elevator. But this is not the end : consuming Cacao will trigger the release of dopamine which is responsible for feeling pleasure.

It also contains the amino acid tryptophan, precursor to ‘happiness hor- mone’ also known as serotonin; it also contains oxytocin, the ‘bonding hormone’ and phenylethylamine (PEA), known as the ‘love hormone’.
This is what makes you feel so good and secure and happy when you drink a cup of Cacao.

Sacred Cacao

The first trace of Cacao cultivation comes from the Olmec tradition around 4000 years ago.
Later, the Mayas and Aztecs would use it as a metaphorical channel for the soul to travel between worlds.
Cacao was also used as a beverage during ritual of birth, death and rebirth. It was also a precious drink
for warriors to give them courage and support.
Cacao was associated with the gods, and Theobroma Cacao (the name of the Cacao tree) literally mean :
“food of the Gods”.
We also find some other spiritual names according to the different culture such as: rainbow medicine,
wisdom keeper, sacred seed medicine of the heart…
The art to prepare, ferment and press the beans, was initially reserved to women. They were the ones
who knew how to do that, and the spirit of the plant was often considered to be feminine, connected with
the Goddess Ixcacao.
There are many legends around Cacao, and all of them are woven from the same common thread: that
whenever man becomes careless with nature, Cacao comes to restore this balance.
Many ancient cultures consider plants to have spirits or consciousness. It is said that by consuming them,
we also consume their spirit and get the capacity to see from this higher plan of consciousness. Some
of these plants who have very strong healing benefits are called teacher plants. They are really seen as
masters, and respected for their healing qualities.
Cacao is one of those gifts, and it is a powerful heart opener, and when used with intention and respect,
it can be amazingly supportive to reconnect with ourselves and try to remember who we are, where we’re
coming from. It will open the door to our intuition, our creativity, and reconnect us to our potential. It
can support us in many different ways, like clearing some situation in relationship, or some self -issue, or
understanding the root cause of a body pain…
Basically, these masters are helping us and teach us how to be more happy and free and just come back to
our essence.
And as said in these ancient legends, Cacao will always restore balance (both physically and emotionally)
and bring a peaceful loving space from where we can look at any situation with more clarity, love and
understanding and bring back some harmony in our daily life.
And once we’ve reached there, we just want to pray and celebrate this amazing gift to be alive and be
part of this wonderful symphony!

How will you recognize the effects

Cacao doesn’t have any psychoactive effect and will not alter your state of consciousness.
But still it is a wonderful heart opener and it will bring a sense of clarity together with it.
As we have different sensitivity, some people will easily feel the medicine awakening inside, and for some
others, it can take a bit more time… But in general, what is noticed is that the heart rate will increase a
bit and you will feel more awake. Cacao nourishes your body and this way you have more grounding to
work with feelings and emotions. You may also feel more connected to yourself and others, you may feel
inspired, connected to your intuition, or feel an expanded state of consciousness, a sense of Joy opening
up like a flower…This is when the journey really starts, and let’s see where the spirit of Mama Cacao and
its medicine will bring you…
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