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INKAO Ceremonial Criollo from Peru - Premium grade.


This Cacao is very gentle and bright.

Enjoy the delicate and flowery fragrance of this Cacao with its tender bitterness and travel to the amazonian plain of Peru.


Ingredients : 100% Pure Raw and Organic Cacao paste.


Nutrition facts for 100gr.

Calories : 664kcal / 2752kj

Fat : 57gr (inc. saturated 32gr)

Carbohydrate : 25,7gr (inc. sugars 2,9gr)

Proteines : 12,1gr

Salt : 0.01gr

Iron : 8,6mg

Magnesium : 248,2mg

Criollo - 100% Pure 400/1000gr.

38,00 €Prijs
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