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This Tachyonized meditation wrap nurtures, enhances, and deepens meditation. A perfect Tachyon product for light workers, meditators, and tantra practitioners.


“This divine silk shawl offers the quality of peace and nurturing for a blissful meditation. It can also be used for calming children, or creating a special vibration for a client in a session.”

- Ma Ananda Sarita


Let the mundane fade away as you surround yourself in silken ecstasy the Tachyon way. Only a continuous angelic hug could feel better than this nurturing, rejuvenating Tachyonized Silk Meditation Wrap. Light workers and meditators love the way it enhances their daily practice.



You can wrap it around your entire body or slip it under the sheets for a peaceful Tachyon experience every night. Body workers, energy workers and a host of other professionals find that this product profoundly deepens their treatments.



Approx. Dimensions: 45" x 72" (1,15m x 1,82m)



Dry clean or hand wash with mild soap, then allow to air dry.

Silk Tachyonized Meditation Wrap

320,00 €Prijs
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